Waveland Ghosts

Waveland is a handsome mansion that was built in the late 1840s by Joseph Bryan, a great nephew of Daniel Boone.  While Joseph was engaged in running his hemp plantation, his wife Margaret Cartmell Bryan was the mistress of the house and had a great task in maintaining the household.  Some discount the notion that there may be ghosts in the house, but residents of the upstairs apartment, and paranormal investigators have found different.

It appears that Margaret is still there, giving orders to the house servants.  Judging from the tone, she is dealing with a stubborn servant, too.  At times she can be quite loud.  One particular night in 2006, the voices were so loud (but at the same time, indiscernible) that they kept the residents up most of the night.  The next morning, one resident, who was the head guide, went down and admonished the spirits for their ruckus. 


That person has not heard the voices since, although his wife still hears them, saying that they stop when her husband comes to bed. An EVP was taken in the same room where Margaret is heard sometime later.  On the recording, behind the background noise, could be heard a woman's voice saying, "Don't do that!"  Whether it is Margaret or just a shadow of the past, we do not know, but there is definitely some phenomenon at work.

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