The Mandy Tree



In Madisonville, Kentucky there is a story about a very special oak tree.  Although the tree is no longer standing, the story about it remains alive.  According to many eyewitness accounts, the Mandy Tree had the profile of a woman’s face outlined in its branches.

As the story goes, a lady by the name of Mandy Holloman lived at the site where the tree stood.  She impressed those who knew her with her dedication to her family, and her industry in housekeeping.  One of her greatest pleasures came from gardening.  She planted among other things, a small oak tree in her backyard.

Tragically, in the 1920s, Mandy Holloman’s idyllic life came to an abrupt halt.  Someone shot her death at her home.  The murder shocked the town, and the community mourned the loss of one of their most beloved citizens.

Time passed, and the community went about its daily business.  Then a very strange thing occurred; the oak tree that Mandy had planted began to grow, and in its branches the profile of a woman could be seen.  People began to declare that the profile was none other than the image of Mandy Holloman.

For several years the “Mandy Tree” retained the haunting profile of a woman.  As the tree grew older, the image became fainter, until at long last it disappeared.  The site where the tree stood continues to attract the inquisitive, along with those who believe in ghosts, and those who love a good ghost story.

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