Heroic Dan
by Carl Brent, c. 1869

Dan Voorhees stood on board the ship,

Whence all but him had fled.

"I'll keep a rigid upper lip."

This doughty hero said.


"Surrender is a coward's word;

I never learned it yet.

By truth upheld, by honor spurred,

I ne'er will yield - you bet!


"Comrades! don't sell yourselves too cheap!

The grand old vessel save!

Oh! think and look, before you leap

To Greeley and the grave!


"Those rotten Cincinnati planks

No life preservers are,

Stand firm, my boys, and hold your ranks,

Nor go too fast too far!


Comrades! come back and man the pumps!

Keep out the rising tide!"

But all alone with vigorous thumps,

The useless brakes he plied.


Yet once again: - "Come, comrades! come!

Don't leave me here alone!"

Those comrades were all deaf and dumb,

They couldn't even groan.


From Baltimore there came a blast;

The ship, oh where was she?

Ask of the waves that saw her last,

And ne'er again shall see.


But glorious Dan outrode the storm,

Although he raved and swore,

He knelt, and stuffed his god-like form

With crow at Baltimore.

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