Henry Clay and his wife Lucretia

Henry Clay was perhaps the most famous statesman in the country before the Civil War.  After his death in 1852, he became even more beloved to his followers and even his enemies had a hard time finding anything bad to say about the "Great Compromiser". 

During the Civil War, many souvenir CDVs (carte-de-visite) were produced of famous people, usually Generals and Presidents.  This one from 1862 show Henry and his wife Lucretia (As shown below).


Henry Clay's official Speaker portrait

Served as the 8th, 10th and 13th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives during the following dates:
In office - March 4, 1811 January 19, 1814
In office - March 4, 1815 October 28, 1820
In office - March 4, 1823 March 4, 1825

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