Old Farm Fences on Fort Hill, Frankfort

Commonly called "Fort Hill", this hill in the middle of Frankfort has the remains of Fort Boone and the "New" Redoubt. These fortifications were built in 1863 and 1864 to defend the city from Confederate forces. A detachment of about 200 cavalrymen under the command of Gen. John Hunt Morgan attacked the unfinished for in 1864, but was repulsed by Federals inside the fort. The farmer who owned the land had put up miles of stone fences to divide his fields. Unfortunately, he was not a trained stone mason and much of the wall is in the state seen in the first picture. The stone had to be dug out of the brush and dirt and be sorted.

The quality of limestone in this wall is very, very poor. Also, it seems that much of the stone is just missing. We had to scour the hillside to collect enough stone to do this 22 foot section.
The rebuilt sections will stand for at least twice the time that the original construction did be before it needs repairing again.

Twenty-two feet down, 15,818 feet to go!

As this part of the wall is resurrected, a small sigh of relief goes up.  The harvest is plenty but the reapers are few.
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