Contrasted Joys

Author Unknown - Circa 1815


How great my pleasures at the play

(A lady once was heard to say)

Amusement surely all divine

Be such amusements always mine


First there is the joy I always know

Before the hour arrives to go

And when I'm there - but who can say

What are my raptures at the play


Besides the recollected joy

Next day affords me sweet employ

That may be true, (a friend replied)

But is there not one joy beside


You have  not mentioned - tell me why

The joy of plays when called to die

Perhaps a thunderbolt from heav'n

Might then have less confession giv'n


The gay young lady felt the smart

Conviction seized her wounded Heart

No more she boast her former joys

Religion now her thoughts employs


False pleasure can no more amuse

Superior bliss she now pursues

"O happy change", she says and tells you why

"Religion's joy will last when call'd to die

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